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Book Title :
Connections: A Murder Mystery
ISBN : 1520951876
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 475 Pages
Book Rank : #1575055th World Best Mystery Books
Book Author : Marie Christiaon
Publisher : Independently published

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Sasha always hoped that Carolyn’s obsession with her own mortality was nothing more than her paranoia from the tragic deaths of her family. But when her worst nightmare came true, she knew what she had to do. She promised Carolyn that if something happened to her, she would use what Carolyn left for her and find the killer. Knowing it would not be easy as most of the potential suspects would be among the most influential in the state; lawyers, politicians and judges. But Sasha made a promise and it was one she was going to keep. Putting her trust in the only people she felt she could. Sasha was not the only one in search of a killer. Joe Taggert, a case hardened detective on the city police force, and his partner Chad Bishop quickly found out how difficult the case was going to be. With an underwhelming lack of evidence from the scene, a growing list of suspects and a mounting pressure to solve the case, they were forced to look at every possibility, even some of the most unlikely ones. As time drew on, both Sasha and the two detectives independently followed the unusual twists and turns of the case, each beginning to form connections between the suspects. Problem was that Joe’s conclusions put him on a collision course with Sasha, seeing her as one of the prime suspects.

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