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Book Title :
ISBN : 1521116806
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 300 Pages
Book Rank : #375542th World Best Coming of Age Books
Book Author : Brian T. Ferratto
Publisher : Independently published

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The coming-of-age story of a newly founded group of friends who suffer the abuses of broken homes. A boy entertains the notion of premature death instead of continuing to endure his father’s wrath. But when push comes to shove, our protagonist discovers a resolve which swells while under siege. Valuable lessons are learned at great cost, and a king can’t handle the threat of three good pawns. Eventually, one of them will become much more dangerous. B. T. Ferratto has crafted a pleasant weave between story arcs in this three-part novel. The sweet and innocent naivete of childhood, as well as the growth which follows thereafter, is captured well in this up-and-coming author’s leading novel. Protagonists collide as different avenues lead to the same end. With compelling characters, heart-sinking development, and wondrous imagery, ‘Avenues’ proves itself as a solid novel which leaves its readers wanting more.

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