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Book Title :
Office Intern: The Kya Chronicles
ISBN : 1546649875
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 118 Pages
Book Rank : #th World Best African American Books
Book Author : Deep
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Description Of Book Office Intern: The Kya Chronicles by Deep:

Kya Garner is back and ready to take on Corporate America. She has a summer internship in which she is determined to become Morgan, Tesson & Associates’ brightest star but if there is a way to mix business with pleasure, Kya will surely find it. Being fully awakened to her sexual power, Kya attempts to figure out exactly what to do about it and with Ray no longer readily accessible, that leaves her with a lot more time to play; in and out of the office. Office Intern – the second book in this series – explores what happens when a young woman has taken her sexual journey to the next level.

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    Top Reader Reviews :

    Review by Milo
    Office Intern is the second book in the Kya Chronicles, and it takes up where book one left off. Kya Garner is in the summer before her senior year of college, and preparing to begin a summer internship at a major engineering firm. She quickly rises from one in the group to star intern, and ultimately, obtains personal attention and mentoring from her boss. That ‘personal attention’ leads to a dream weekend, but also teaches Kya that it’s not about feelings or a relationship, it’s only sex. And leave it to our girl to flip-the-script and end things in a surprising mature and classy manner, which shocks the boss because she beat him to the punch.

    Kya also makes a couple of new female friends during the internship, meets a divorced couple where the woman becomes Kya’s wing girl, and meets a college guy, who may provide her with the type of normal dating experiences she hasn’t had. This new guy, Myles, puts it on Kya so good that she had no thoughts about Ray, the married man

    Review by Danial
    Daring. Thrill Seeking. Office Intern.

    Office Intern: The Kya Chronicles is the second book in the series. The story picks up right where Naughty Girl: The Kya Chronicles end. Author Deep does it again with this book. It continues disclosing the sexual adventures she embarks on but in the process shows that maybe there is more to a relationship than sexual attraction and contact. The word choice used by the author allows you to visualize and connect to the story in a way that many authors are unable to do. Without giving away the entire storyline, I will just say if this doesn’t ignite any emotions or feelings after reading it then you are abnormal. Despite it all, we get a glimpse of seeing Kya evolve into a woman with a heart and desire to have more than a fling. Author Deep is an author that you should give a chance if you haven’t already. I am excited and waiting for the next installment of the Kya Chronicles….

    Review by Keith
    With this installment, we find Kya entering the corporate world. Kya has obviously grown in her desires, her education and her sexual explorations. I love that not only is she book smart, she is educated to the ways of man and woman. Even though she has growing feelings for Ray, there is a part of her that knows their relationship will not happen but she is still hopeful. Hopeful that what she is throwing on him will change his mind. Great job Deep, I love that you continue to show growth of Kya-the student, but more so Kya-the woman.I can’t wait to see where she goes from here, especially with the way you left us hanging on the edge.