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pdf A Dragon's Heart (Dragons series) (Volume 3)
A Dragon’s Heart (Dragons series) (Volume 3) 3.52/104 users
Book Title :
A Dragon’s Heart (Dragons series) (Volume 3)
ISBN : 0998388424
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 180 Pages
Book Rank : #th World Best Fantasy Books
Book Author : Tina Glasneck
Publisher : Vie La Publishing House, LLC

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Description Of Book A Dragon’s Heart (Dragons series) (Volume 3) by Tina Glasneck:

How far will she go to change history, and save the man she loves? In this third book of the Dragons series, time travel and fantasy weave together in a passionate romance. Left at the altar, Mia DiMarco’s perfect world comes crashing down. She retreats to the only place she’s felt safe in this foreign land, the castle where she works, and a fervent wish launches her back in time to Napoleonic France. Mia will have to face history in her present with a man she’s only ever read about, Lord Greyson Dumont– who can set her heart on fire and who she knows is destined to die. She’ll do anything to change history, even if it means sacrificing her mortal heart to the powerful dragon.

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     Honest Reviews of A Dragon’s Heart (Dragons series) (Volume 3) Book by Tina Glasneck

    Top Reader Reviews :

    Review by Desmond
    Fated love transcends time as we see in this book. I love how even though this is the third book in the series, that everything is fresh and does not constantly repeat things from the first two books. Totally can not wait for the next book in the series! I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it.

    Review by Irving
    This is a magical story of a love that transcends time and the bond between a girl from the future, Mia, a dragon rider, who travels to the past and meets her dragon, Grayson, in the midst of a war and this is their adventure.I received an advanced copy with no obligation.

    Review by Evans
    This is a story that transcends time. It is magical and shows how true love is timeless. Read this series and kive it as much as me. If you love stories that time travel and dragons you will be spellbound.
    I received a copy of this book from the author with no expectations of anything but an honest review.