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Book Title :
Unraveled (Bound and Bared)
ISBN : 1521108897
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 213 Pages
Book Rank : #1323027th World Best Romance Books
Book Author : Christine Monroe
Publisher : Independently published

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Description Of Book Unraveled (Bound and Bared) by Christine Monroe:

Unraveled ~CASE BENNET~ I lost everything, becoming an unwilling playmate in someone else’s sick and twisted games. I spent my days praying to be free of the nightmare that stole me. In the dark he found me. In his arms I was finally safe. Now I simply exist, except when he looks at me. His smile offering things I shouldn’t crave. He thinks he can fix me. Put my broken soul back together. But the truth is I’m on the run. My ghosts and nightmares chasing me back into the shadows. That won’t stop him. He will come for me. But saving me might very well be the death of him. ~THORN EMERY~ I had nothing left to lose. I spent my days just waiting for the next job. In the midst of gunfire, in the darkest place, I found her. She thinks I can’t save her. She could be right. I’ma killer. My hands drenched in red. Still, I want to touch her. She gave me a reason to fight. Something to lose. Something worth dying for. Case Bennett is a girl on the run from her past only to find herself being sucked into a new nightmare. A nightmare so dark she’s afraid she can never be free. Driven by fear and never ending panic she attempts to find peace by trying to end it all, but one man refuses to let her go. Thorn Emery is the one only who can bring her back from the dark. But can she fight when everything goes to hell and the monsters return? Or will her fear destroy the man she loves and drag her back into the dark? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s a lesson Thorn Emery has learned all too well. Still Case Bennet has become an obsession and he refuses to walk away from the woman that captured his heart the moment she was placed in his arms. Up until then his life had been nothing but a series of bad jokes and never ending bullets but for Case he would become something more…a mother f**king hero. Can a damaged boy become the man he needs to be to save the woman he loves? Or will the choice he makes destroy them both?

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 Honest Reviews of Unraveled (Bound and Bared) Book by Christine Monroe

Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Delmer
You’ve read the book synopsis so without spoilers I get to tell you how I felt about Unraveled. Christine introduced this group of broken people in the first book and they became one crazy messed up family that walks through hell for each other. In this journey Thorn wanted his turn and what a dark, dark man he is.
I promise if you love a dark read then hold on because you will ride a roller coaster of emotions that will take you to the very top and whip you around and begin another hair raising climb. She has left me sighing and wishing I was part of this crazy group that are truly family even knowing I would pee my pants when Van and Thorn work through their issues.
It is definitely for 18+ readers and if you have any triggers you might think about it first, but dark reader fans you will scream, want to throw you reader,cry, happy and sad tears and jump for joy, but beware, there is an ending that will shock you right off your seat yelling No! No! No! Why?

Review by Jules
This is a story about Thorn and Case. Keep the tissues, and chocolate close by. You will defiantly need it! Not only is this emotional ride, but it is super steamy. The cliffhanger is a killer! I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen!!

Review by Hendrickson
Major HUGE Cliffy.What did you do. Im in Shock no you did NOT just do that. If you thought Val was the man you have to read this. Thorn Emery is just yummy. I want him to rescue me and hide me away. This book is Thorns and Case book. When Val and Thorn went to save Miranda they saved Case. Thorn would of never thought how protective he would be of her and why. He feels he doesn’t deserve anything good with all the evil he has done. Together they become stronger and figure out what is going on between them. When he takes her away from Bound and Bared all hell breaks loose. They all come after Thorn with hell to pay. Selena is and Thorns relationship is so sweet. They are so close I think they know more about each other secrets than most. But Selena is in a dark place and I dont think people are noticing it till its to late. The End The End is insane I cant say without spoiling and I know so many are going to scream how could she do that