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Book Title :
The Billionaire’s Assistant
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Format Type : Audible Audio Edition
Language : English
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Book Rank : #82277th World Best Romance Books
Book Author : Daniel Benjamin
Publisher : Daniel Adams

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Description Of Book The Billionaire’s Assistant by Daniel Benjamin:

Follow Marissa, a beautiful, intelligent and talented black woman, into the high life.

Marissa’s life gets turned upside down when she lands a job at a prestigious law firm. She jumps into the adventure, leaving her small Georgia hometown right after college to pursue her dreams. Little does she know she will become an assistant to billionaire Ethan Walker! With her coming from fields and farms to tall men with suits in Lamborghinis. She will go from an inexperienced schoolgirl to a lusting CEO’s assistant, with all the perks and a Large Benefits Package. Wink, Wink.

She will have to face her lust for this alpha billionaire or ultimately be owned by him. Will she be able to blend work and pleasure, or will their lust develop into something more? This sexy and erotic interracial romance will leave you biting your lips and wanting more as she learns how the 1% live.

This romance will showcase BWWM romance in an erotic yet exciting light where she gets thrown into politics, business, and betrayal. This is not for the faint-hearted. Follow Marissa into an erotic corporate world of sex, sensuality and domination and see who ends up on top.

For listeners 18 years or older due to sexual content.

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