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Book Title :
Bastard Hearts
Release : 2017-04-17
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : English
Total Pages : 116 Pages
Book Rank : #878331th World Best Contemporary Books
Book Author : Ambarish Ray
Publisher : Notion Press

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Description Of Book Bastard Hearts by Ambarish Ray:

Shadows without bodies. Stars without mercy. People without plans. A bottle that starts it all somehow. And, all this almost without any booze.
That’s Donna’s Goa. Prepare for a massive dose of strange as you meet her – a young woman of mixed parentage and elusive clarity who runs a “broken down shack in the armpit of Goa.” Loves dancing, lobsters, port wine and Harold Robbins.
Don’t wince when you meet ASAP – weary, wary, plausibly cynical and “as far as he was concerned… fished for a living and called it Advertising.” Likes experimenting with elastic bands, people’s minds, open fuses and catapults.
Try not to resist eavesdropping as they play with love, hate, sorrow, parking lot lessons and conduct that is unbecoming of a princess. Go with them as well, even if they don’t invite you – to the beach, the nightclub and the deepest corners of their minds.
Remember, Bastard Hearts has three people in it. And the third one is you.

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