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Book Title :
my life as a country album
ISBN : 1521091803
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 269 Pages
Book Rank : #940979th World Best Coming of Age Books
Book Author : LJ Evans
Publisher : Independently published

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Description Of Book my life as a country album by LJ Evans:

Ever since she was four and fell from the treehouse into neighbor boy, Jake’s, arms, tomboy Cam Swayne has been determined that the football hero keep his eyes firmly attached on her. But the three years between them, Jake’s long line of gaggling geese, health issues, and even their own parents seem to tear at the fabric that is them. Will they ever get their happily ever after? Cam feels as if there is only one person in her whole world. That is super hero football player and neighbor, Jake Phillips. Her entire life has revolved around him since the time she was born. And while Jake’s devotion seems strictly protective in her early years, she knows he isn’t himself with anyone but her. Cam will not be satisfied until he is completely hers and Lord help anyone who ever gets in Cam’s way. While life passes by, Jake and Cam are there for each other in both simple and miraculous ways that are hard to explain to any outsider and seem to be the essence that country songs are made of. Even her mama reluctantly admits that Cam has always been more his than hers as they grow up in the Tennessee sunshine racing at the lake, star gazing in the treehouse, and playing football on the street. But will the intensity that is them be enough to get them through life’s unexpected challenges? Or will it leave one of them trying to learn to swim again with only half a soul? Inspired by Taylor Swift country songs, this is a story of aching love and loss and learning to live through life in all its pain and glory.

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