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pdf Restored: The Walsh Series, Book 5
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Book Title :
Restored: The Walsh Series, Book 5
Release : 2017-04-18
Format Type : Audible Audio Edition
Language : English
Total Pages : Pages
Book Rank : #8915th World Best Contemporary Women Books
Book Author : Kate Canterbary
Publisher : Vesper Press

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Description Of Book Restored: The Walsh Series, Book 5 by Kate Canterbary:

Can a reformed player ever truly play by someone else’s rules?

Sam Walsh has finally put an end to decades of self-destruction and turned over a healthy new leaf, and now he’s ready to call himself a married man. But love and marriage are only the beginning, and life is about to get much more complicated.

Will tying the knot tie down a free spirit?

Tiel Desai never imagined herself getting married again, and before she can blink, she’s swept up into the Walsh wedding whirlwind. If that chaos isn’t enough, she’s also busy winning over her future in-laws, grappling with a bumpy adjustment to her new job, and staying afloat when a string of disappointments hit.

They’re building a future, but can they ever fully demolish the past?

Sam and Tiel beat back their demons and learned to love each other, but love might not be enough to solve every problem that crawls their way.

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 Honest Reviews of Restored: The Walsh Series, Book 5 Book by Kate Canterbary

Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Donovan
I’m a firm believer that book reviews should be personal. They should be filled with the emotion, the gripping feeling that the book made me experience. Sometimes it’s difficult to fully articulate the magnitude of thisand yet sometimes, it’s simple.

 While reading the Walsh Series, I’ve felt everything under the sun. Extreme joy followed by gut wrenching sadness. The acute symbiosis that comes with shared experiences. (Yes, I do realize these are fictional characters, and yet they are very realistic.) There is something profoundly soul-searing when you read about a couple who are experiencing all of married life’s wonders. I loved getting to know Mr. and Mrs. Sam Walsh. Their story is very recognizable, filled with passion, both misunderstandings & make-ups. And that’s the true heart of it. Sam and Tiel are crazy about each other. Whatever life has to throw at them, they will climb that ‘trust-tree’  together and deal.

Restored was beautiful. It managed to

Review by Felipe
I absolutely love this series and the entire family that it is about. Restored is the continuation of Sam and Tiel’s story and unlike the other books in this series, it really shouldn’t and can’t be read as a standalone. At the end of Necessary Restorations, I loved Sam and Tiel as a couple but still wasn’t completely sold on them as individuals. There were quite a few unanswered things for me and that kept me from loving them individually as much as I have loved the characters from the other books in the series. Restored has completely changed that for me. Every question I had, that very small thing I couldn’t figure out that kept from really connecting to the characters separate from each other was suddenly gone and I connected to them completely. When I read the last word on the last page, I felt lost. This book made me feel such a broad spectrum of emotions that I knew I would need time to recover before I could read anything else. It’s not often that a book will completely

Review by Hendricks
The heart of this story is Sam and Tiel, but the soul is the Walsh family. This novel conveys an all consuming variety of touching situations affecting all the Walshes, friends and significant others. Glimpses into the issues and concerns of various characters provide depth and complications for everyone. The crisis that Sam and Tiel endure in their new married life reflects how important communication and self awareness are to success.The emotional growth Sam, Tiel, Riley, Shannon and even Patrick have experienced in this series is brilliantly portrayed. Sam has made huge strides in his maturity and character. But Riley has become the most fascinating man, showing maturity, flashes of genius, while still being a comic book savant and a man-child. The restoration alluded to in the title goes far beyond the buildings the Walshes professional renovate. The rebuilding of their personal lives is gradual, funny, charming andtenacious. Their determination to overcome their horrendous