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Book Title :
Obsessive Romance
ISBN : 152115693X
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 65 Pages
Book Rank : #1706461th World Best Women’s Fiction Books
Book Author : Mish Moore
Publisher : Independently published

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Description Of Book Obsessive Romance by Mish Moore:

Brandon is a successful billionaire bachelor. He is single and looking for love after a horrible break up with his ex, Lizzy. Lizzy already comes from wealth so she is not after Brandon’s money, but she does take him for granted. He finds out that Lizzy cheated on him after dating for years and they break up. However, Lizzy doesn’t take the breakup well and she becomes dangerously obsessed with Brandon. Brandon has already moved on though. He meets a sweet girl Francesca online who quickly becomes the love of his life, and they get married after just a few months. Can they live a happy life together or will Lizzy continue to interfere with their relationship?

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