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Book Title :
Wendy of the Wallops (Volume 2)
ISBN : 3955337707
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 268 Pages
Book Rank : #826266th World Best Lesbian Romance Books
Book Author : Gill McKnight
Publisher : Ylva Publishing

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Description Of Book Wendy of the Wallops (Volume 2) by Gill McKnight:

In the second cosy romance from The Wallops, there are worrying times ahead for community police officer Wendy Goodall. She is seconded by sexy Detective Inspector Diya Patel to work on a witness protection plan in the Wallops. Flushed with her new gayness, Wendy also has a mad crush on the adorable, yet reclusive Dr. Lea James. And could wily Girl Guide leader, Kiera Minsk be connected with the human traffickers working along the south coast? As if life wasn’t crazy enough, her twin brother Will announces that their birth mother wants to make contact!

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