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PDF Book Shape of You: Tangled (Volume 3) Download by Victoria Rhodes

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Book Title :
Shape of You: Tangled (Volume 3)
ISBN : 154542716X
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 54 Pages
Book Rank : #th World Best Lesbian Romance Books
Book Author : Victoria Rhodes
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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 PDF Book Shape of You: Tangled (Volume 3) Download by Victoria Rhodes

Description Of Book Shape of You: Tangled (Volume 3) by Victoria Rhodes:

The last thing in the world I need is to fall for Christina. She’s nothing but trouble – I can see heartbreak a million miles away. But every time she kisses me she makes me feel like I’m the only one for her. Every time we’re alone the world falls away and the two of us are meant to be. It doesn’t take logic to know that this is where my heart belongs.

When it turns out that Christina turned Phil down for Sage, Sage jumps at the opportunity to get to know Christina better. Everything she’s ever wanted is about to come true – they’re doing dates and they’re making love. It’s not just lust dominating every contact.

Except Sage is nervous to tell Christina how she feels about her. She’s scared that if she makes that move the surreal world they’re in now will burst and she will come crashing down to a reality without the woman she’s fallen for. It’s easier just to go with it for now.

Until she confronts Christina about seeing other people and Christina’s bad habit of flirting with everyone to get what she wants. When it turns into a fight, going in the wrong direction, Sage blurts out the truth to stop things from going from bad to worse.

Christina’s reaction is more than Sage could ever have hoped for. Will the magic last, or does it have an expiry date like everything else where Christina is involved? To love is to believe that it will be returned, but how do you trust someone as unpredictable as the woman who wears so many masks?

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