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Plaything: The Series
ISBN : 154665173X
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Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 644 Pages
Book Rank : #617899th World Best New Adult & College Books
Book Author : Tess Oliver
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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 PDF Book Plaything: The Series Download by Tess Oliver

Description Of Book Plaything: The Series by Tess Oliver:

At Plaything, your pleasure is our business. This insanely hot box set contains FOUR super sexy stories! EASY COME “Trey wasn’t just any man, he was a man who made a business out of pleasure, and he was giving that pleasure to me good.” Trey Armstrong is a self-made millionaire and notorious playboy who can only be described as all man. He prides himself on living up to his player reputation. That is until one incredible woman crosses the threshold into his life. Has Trey finally met his match? When Georgie Dempsey is assigned to write an article on Plaything—the multi-million dollar pleasure subscription service, she has no idea that she’ll end up being the star. The brainy, understatedly sexy journalist sets off on a journey of sexual self-discovery led by none other than the master himself, Trey Armstrong. SWEET SPOT Chase England: I was incurable when it came to women. I loved them, everything about them, the way they laughed, the way they walked, the way they felt in my arms. But this woman in particular had piqued my interest and not just because she was pretty and smart and funny . . . and a virgin. Well OK that might have played a big part. But I still hadn’t expected my playboy heart to be so easily tamed. Macy Pennington: As a newly single woman, I’d gained freedom, independence and a good dose of happiness. I was determined to make a go of things all on my own, with no one and, especially no man, to mess up my life. That was until he showed up. In the arms of the notorious playboy, Chase England, my inexperience was quickly erased by his experience, and I discovered all the pleasures I’d been missing. IN A BIND Zane Bostwick: “I could have you purring softly one minute and pleading with me to f*ck you the next, baby. You are a talented little prick tease. But you are punching above your weight.” It was a dangerous game to play with the daughter of our biggest investor, and I was determined to show Raini that she had been outmatched in whatever teasing game we’d been playing. I was the one with the blindfold and ties but the way her body reacted to my kisses and touch had me wondering if I was in charge or if she was the one controlling me just by being so damn sexy. She really had played me, only the stakes in the game were much higher than I’d expected. Raini Bonneville: We’d fallen into a competition of sorts, a game where each player was working hard to shock the other into defeat. I was struggling to figure out my opponent, which only made the challenge that much more intriguing. I’d teased the man to distraction and now he was taking his revenge. I was ready for it. He might just be my type, or he might just be the last thing I needed. ROLE PLAY Aidan Swift: “It might have been a part of that same unexplained possessive, protectiveness I’d felt about her, but I wanted badly to master her body.” When I moved into a temporary apartment, I never expected a neighbor like her. She’s working hard to make it on the big screen, but I have a new role for her to play. I’m the director and she’s my sweet, innocent actress who needs to be directed. And interestingly enough, the first scene starts with the leading lady stripping naked. And action. Jane Briggs: “You’ve awakened physical stirrings in me that I thought were gone, including some that I never knew I had. Like that magic spot. Please, Aidan, find that magic spot again.” All it took was my intimidating but incredibly handsome neighbor barreling through my front door, and my whole life changed.

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    Top Reader Reviews :

    Review by Jerrod
    I loved the Plaything series!

    Easy Come is book one and is about Georgie and Trey. Georgie is a journalist at a nationwide magazine that’s gone from a respected news magazine to a salacious tabloid. She has been assigned to write an article about Plaything, a multi-million dollar company in the pleasure industry, run by four notorious playboys, with the intent on digging up some dirt. Trey is one of those four men, and the job of being interviewed by the reporter has been handed to him by Chase, another owner (& the ex of Georgie’s boss).

    When Georgie first sees Trey, she is quite smitten with him. And Trey? All he knows is Georgie is hot and he wants her. After some of the usual interview questions, he takes her to lunch for a more intimate meeting with an idea that will benefit all parties: his company, her magazine, and Georgie (& Trey as well 😉). He offers the idea of her writing a personal journal on finding her sexual self. All by using his company’s

    Review by Daron
    Easy Come hit my Kindle so I thought I’d just read a chapter before sleep. But I kept flipping through chapters until I’d finished it in one sitting at 3am.I enjoy the wit and sarcasm that Author Tess Oliver gives her characters. Georgie was a successful writer sent to interview Chase, one of the owners of Plaything, but Chase handed her off to Trey. The interviewer becomes the interviewee as Trey decides to help her with information to write her article. The story spans a few days but is most interesting in the things they do and the places they go and how they get to know each other better.I LOL several times!Author Tess Oliver just has a way of making the story flow and pulling you in!

    Sweet Spot – I felt like Author Tess Oliver took my life, made a few changes and told my story thru Macy.And, Chase?Swoon! What an awesome second story to the Plaything series! In true Tess Oliver fashion, I liked the characters banter and the wit and comebacks of Macy. This

    Review by Truong
    I read all 4 of the PLAYTHING books and they are fantastic.While they are StandAlones, they are also a series in that the characters crossover🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Trey (EASY COME), Chase (SWEET SPOT), Zane (IN A BIND) and Aiden (ROLE PLAY), are four "friends since childhood" making a fortune as business partners in an "unusual" company, PLAYTHINGThey are BIG (in every way) men and characters, but Tess Oliver has found a way to make these big, dirty-talking, all alpha males, loving, protective heartthrobs for the right women🔥🔥🔥🔥
    This boxed set contains all four short books, but no corners were cut in character development, relationship building or twists and turns along the way.Tess Oliver has mastered the accomplishment of writing these full, complete books with short reading times.Sadly, since we have met all four of the main characters of this series, we probably alsohave come to the end of this seriesbut, personally, I’m SO hoping there are