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Book Title :
Mail Order Majesty (Brides of Beckham)
ISBN : 1545514135
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 146 Pages
Book Rank : #1398527th World Best Historical Books
Book Author : Sara Jolene
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Description Of Book Mail Order Majesty (Brides of Beckham) by Sara Jolene:

Lorraine Vus is a princess who has been promised to an American banking magnate since her childhood. She is looking for adventure and love…not an arranged marriage to a man she hasn’t seen in years. She travels to America to join her betrothed and quickly realizes that the boy she met and wrote letters to is not the man she is committed to marry. Thanks to a chance meeting with a local matchmaker, Lorraine gets the opportunity for a second chance in the woods of Northern Pennsylvania. Milo Murphy moved to America to pick up where his parents left off…farming the land and building a home in Montrose, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, he spends more time mining coal in nearby Scranton than he does tending his property. A looming strike at the mine offers Milo the chance to move to his farm full time. However, he quickly learns that creating a future is a lonely job, so he sends a letter to a mail order bride agency, hoping they’ll send him the girl of his dreams. The moment they meet, their connection is undeniable. But will it be enough to keep them together as they try to carve out a place on their new land?

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     Honest Reviews of Mail Order Majesty (Brides of Beckham) Book by Sara Jolene

    Top Reader Reviews :

    Review by Kirby
    The story of Milo and Lorraine is a wonderful, heartfelt tale of a woman who goes against what has been arranged for her and follows her heart. Milo is a hard-working man who hits the jackpot with a beautiful bride. I loved their story and I hope to see a future book with their friends Charlotte and Charlie. I was thrilled Raine managed to avoid Theodore and find her happily ever after! Kudos to a great addition to the Brides of Beckham series!

    Review by Alvaro
    Loved this! Milo and Lorraine are now officially one of my favorite book couples! The author did a great job building her world, and made it very enjoyable to get to know her characters. I definitely recommend this book! It will make a great summer beach read!

    Review by Ventura
    This was a really sweet story, which I loved. I especially enjoyed the little details about Milo’s Irish background and the way the love story came together. The story had relatable, lovable characters, and I’m looking forward to more from Sara Jolene. If you enjoy clean, sweet romance and a quick read, this book is for you.