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Download PDF Book Rampage (Bound by Cage) (Volume 2) by Brittany Crowley

pdf Rampage (Bound by Cage) (Volume 2)
Rampage (Bound by Cage) (Volume 2) 3.52/104 users
Book Title :
Rampage (Bound by Cage) (Volume 2)
ISBN : 1545186456
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 244 Pages
Book Rank : #1255751th World Best Contemporary Books
Book Author : Brittany Crowley
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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 PDF Book Rampage (Bound by Cage) (Volume 2) Download by Brittany Crowley

Description Of Book Rampage (Bound by Cage) (Volume 2) by Brittany Crowley:

Ashlyn Pregnant and alone is never where I saw myself in life. Shit happens and you have to roll with it. He made his choice, and it kills me each time I see him living his new life. But what if things aren’t really as they appear? What if I can still have a happily ever after? Josh You know that guy, the one that screws up his whole life over a stupid decision? Yeah, that’s me. I had the girl and I blew it. Now I’m determined to salvage my fighting career and win her back. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m not taking no for an answer.

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Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Kendall
~Josh and Ashlyn~

Josh has screwed up but he has no idea how to fix it. Until the unthinkable happens and He can finally do what he has been regretting since He left Ashlyn. Ashlyn only knows that she is heart broken and still loves Josh. After Josh finds out that his ex really isn’t carrying his baby All he can think about is Ashlyn not that he really thinks about anything else ever. When he and Ashlyn got to Vegas for a promotion for the Cage brothers. Something happens that makes Ashlyn rethink her broken heart for Josh. Once they get home from Vegas they don’t think anything of going about their lives and living. Josh has to go out of town and can’t wait to get back and see his love. But when he gets home he instantly knows something is wrong. None of them could have ever guess what was happening. Ashlyn’s parents have come back for her. It takes the love of a father that Ashlyn never knew, the father of her best friend to save her. Through all this she finds that she

Review by Franklin
Rampage is book two and it’s about Savvy’s best friend Ashlyn and Zander’s brother Josh. I loved Josh and Ashlyn together! They had amazing chemistry and some hot hot sex!! Josh was so sexy and all alpha but was a little sweet to her!! Ashlyn was sassy and hilarious! I loved her friendship with Savvy and how funny they were!! Oh and Ashlyn’s Gran was the best! This book was so good! It is definitely a must read! I am really loving this series and can’t wait to read Jayden’s book!

Review by Sexton
Rampage is book 2 in the Bound by Cage series.Although it can be read as a standalone I would definitely recommend reading book 1 in the series, Caged first.

Author Brittany Crowley has done it again! I loved Ramage just as much as the first book in the series.Usually when I read a series that involves different couples I always have a favorite but Brittany has made it impossible for me to choice one.Once again she has written a story that’s funny and sexy with just enough angst and conflict.I really can’t wait for the rest of this series and anything else Brittany Crowley has up her sleeve.