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Captured by the Game
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Format Type : Audible Audio Edition
Language : English
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Book Rank : #69433th World Best Urban Life Books
Book Author : Octavia Grant
Publisher : True Glory Publications

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When you look at me, can you see my truth, can you tell who I am inside? Of course you can’t, I hide it well, my secrets, pain, and lies. The crazy thing about doing things in the dark is that it always comes to the light. Everyone has that one secret they wish would stay buried. There are those that believe that if they ignore the past or act as if it didn’t exist that their secret would just disappear. Johana Singleton thought that if she graduated college, got an amazing career, and took care of her family that all her past indiscretions would just go away. What she didn’t realize is when you’re running from the past, sometimes you run directly into it. Pastor Elijah and First Lady Tierra were the couple to look up. Their sharing spirit and willingness to give made them the most respected and honored people in their community. What they didn’t expect was something that happened over a decade ago was about to spill out and cause a world of pain.

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