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The Rogue of Islay Isle (Highland Isles) 3.52/104 users
Book Title :
The Rogue of Islay Isle (Highland Isles)
Release : 2017-05-15
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : English
Total Pages : 238 Pages
Book Rank : #15751th World Best Medieval Books
Book Author : Heather McCollum
Publisher : Entangled: Scandalous

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 Download PDF The Rogue of Islay Isle (Highland Isles) free by Heather McCollum

Description Of Book The Rogue of Islay Isle (Highland Isles) by Heather McCollum:

Cullen Duffie, a Highland warrior and charming rogue, is the new chief of Clan MacDonald. Determined to prove he’s not his father, Cullen works to secure his clan against the English. When a woman washes onto Islay’s shores, Cullen protects her from his uncles’ schemes.

Waking up not knowing who she is or where she comes from, Rose is at the mercy of the man who found her. Unable to speak from the swelling around her throat from a rope tether, she learns as much as she can about the new world around her and the powerful, sword-wielding Highlander who has sworn to protect her.

Through dreams and flashes of her past, Rose begins to rebuild her memories. But the more she recalls about the horror she escaped, the more she realizes the jeopardy she is bringing to Islay, Clan MacDonald and the Highlander who has captured her heart.

Each book in the Highland Isles series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 The Beast of Aros Castle
Book #2 The Rogue of Islay Isle

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 Honest Reviews of The Rogue of Islay Isle (Highland Isles) Book by Heather McCollum

Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Haywood
It was a dark and stormy night when Cullen Duffie noticed a ship off the coast of Islay Isle. Cullen has just been named clan chief, The MacDonald, he doesn’t even know himself if he’s up for the job. Fate decided to further complicate his plans when Cullen happens upon a beautiful young woman stranded on the shore. The woman is unable to speak, due to nasty injuries to her neck; was she destined to hang? Unfortunately, the woman has lost her memory, and she doesn’t even know her own name. Cullen settles for the name of Rose, as the flower was all over her sumptuous gown. But what if Rose is English? Will King Henry be grateful and reward the MacDonald clan, or will it mean problems? Rose starts to remember bits and pieces from her past, what seem like insignificant things, except that she must be wary of men, and that she had been a prisoner, but of whom? Why? Where? When eventually her throat is better, everybody finds out at once that Rose is not English!


Review by Roy
Cullen’s career up until becoming laird seemed to be loving the lasses, and I’m not talking with his heart, folks. At least that is what is often implied here. It seemed all the clan’s lovely ladies were lining up outside his bedroom door hoping to audition for a chance to be considered for the role of the next Mrs. Laid of the castle.

With a deceased father that left behind a gambling and not so stellar legacy, Cullen already feels like he couldn’t do anything right. His overly critical, jealous uncles constantly have their eyes and ears on full alert, judging his every move, just waiting for him to make a mistake large enough to be ousted as head of the clan. But no trouble they could dish out comes close to the havoc and unexpected tenderness unleashed on his heart by a mysterious bonny lass that washes up on his shores.

Rose (aka Madeleine) is bearing bruises and barely breathing when Cullen comes across her. Neck rope burns and amnesia lead everyone to

Review by Keith
How far would you go to save the woman you love?

Being the chief of Clan MacDonald brings with it prestige and great responsibility. Cullen Duffie feels like he is balancing on the edge of a sword as he tries to shoulder the responsibility of leadership. Not only that but there is a silent threat of war between England and France. If there is even a whisper of Clan MacDonald swearing allegiance to the French cause, then King Henry will not be forgiving.The last thing Cullen wants is to be found harbouring a mysterious French woman who was washed up on the beach. But harbour her he must, for she is in desperate need of refuge and he can not, in good conscience, turn his back on her.

Oh, I did enjoy this book. The Rogue Of Islay is one of those books where you want to shut out the world, curl up under a blanket and just read!Heather McCollum transported me back to 16th Century Scotland, and for a while, I was more than happy to stay there!