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Book Title :
Believe in the Wish
ISBN : 1545344302
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 290 Pages
Book Rank : #309048th World Best Gay Romance Books
Book Author : Christi Snow
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Description Of Book Believe in the Wish by Christi Snow:

I buried my twin sister six months after she found out she had cancer. Her funeral was three months ago. Today is our birthday and it started with delivery of letters from her. It seems she didn’t trust me to move on after her death. She knows me too well. But how can I go on when my other half is just…gone? That’s not something I can recover from with a snap of my fingers. But I also can’t ignore her instructions even though I’d be perfectly content to cuddle up with my buddy, Johnnie Walker, and call it a year. She has a list of things for me to do and there are rules attached. There’s one major problem besides the fact it’s been three months since I left the house. I have to do all these things with her jerk of an ex, Hawk Simmons. He abandoned her shortly after she found out she was sick. If that wasn’t enough to make this a really bad idea, the fact that he makes an appearance in all my nighttime fantasies probably does. I don’t think I can do this, but I owe it to my sister’s memory to try. This is a stand alone contemporary male/male romance.

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