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Book Author : Cambria Hebert
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Description Of Book #Blur by Cambria Hebert:

Nothing but a #blur….

There’s a new kid in town, and he’s hell on wheels.

From what we’ve heard, it may be because he knows exactly what hell’s like.




You may know his brother, the NRR hotshot (and former GearShark cover model) Lorhaven.

It’s only natural a driver with his background and family connections has sped his racecar into the newest, hottest division.

But that’s not all.

Arrow may be following in big bro’s tread marks, but he doesn’t plan to stay there.

He’s swerving onto the road less traveled…and a lot more controversial.

He’s opening up about his private struggles with sexuality to tell a story that’s gone unheard until now.

One thing’s for sure; Arrow may have a painful past, but his foot is heavy on the accelerator.

With speed like this, he’s bound to leave everything behind in nothing but a #blur.

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