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pdf Behind a Mask (Annotated): A Woman's Power
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Behind a Mask (Annotated): A Woman’s Power
ISBN : 1521237999
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Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 90 Pages
Book Rank : #th World Best Contemporary Women Books
Book Author : Louisa May Alcott
Publisher : Independently published

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Description Of Book Behind a Mask (Annotated): A Woman’s Power by Louisa May Alcott:

*This Book is annotated (it contains a detailed biography of the author). *An active Table of Contents has been added by the publisher for a better customer experience. *This book has been checked and corrected for spelling errors. Behind a Mask, or A Woman’s Power is a novella written by American author Louisa May Alcott. The novella was originally published in 1866 under the pseudonym of A. M. Barnard in The Flag of Our Union. Set in Victorian era Britain, the story follows Jean Muir, the deceitful governess of the wealthy Coventry family. With expert manipulation, Jean Muir obtains the love, respect, and eventually the fortune of the Coventry family. Since it was republished by Madeleine B. Stern in 1975, the novel has become important in critical reinterpretation of Alcott’s corpus of works and literary importance. Many literary critics treat the novel; for example, one critic treated the novel as a version of the “Beauty and the Beast” trope, while others provide feminist critiques of the narrative. Alcott’s treatment of themes like acting, social class, and the struggle for agency all inform these larger discussions by critics.

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