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Book Title :
ISBN : 0451477286
Release : 2015-12-01
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 400 Pages
Book Rank : #293807th World Best Contemporary Women Books
Book Author : Penelope Douglas
Publisher : Berkley

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Description Of Book Misconduct by Penelope Douglas:

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Fall Away series who never fails to deliver a “powerfully written contemporary love story…”*

Former tennis player Easton Bradbury is trying to be the best teacher she can be, trying to reach her bored students, trying to forget her past. What brought her to this stage in her life isn’t important. She can’t let it be. But now one parent-teacher meeting may be her undoing…

Meeting Tyler Marek for the first time makes it easy for Easton to see why his son is having trouble in school. The man knows how to manage businesses and wealth, not a living, breathing teenage boy. Or a young teacher, for that matter, though he tries to. And yet…there is something about him that draws Easton in—a hint of vulnerability, a flash of attraction, a spark that might burn.

Wanting him is taboo. Needing him is undeniable. And his long-awaited touch will weaken Easton’s resolve—and  reveal what should stay hidden…



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 Honest Reviews of Misconduct Book by Penelope Douglas

Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Donovan
*4.5 stars*

I’m surprised by how much I loved this. My only complaint is I wanted a little more from the ending. I thought a certain something was quickly revealed with no real resolution. But, otherwise, this book was pretty perfect.

Easton and her brother, Jack, moved to New Orleans to start over after a tragedy. Easton also has a very interesting past, one that I thought added a bit of originality to the storyline. Easton is now a teacher in a private school and she has some cool techniques. She has a combative relationship with the father, Tyler, of one of her students. He’s opposed to her modern teaching methods. That combative relationship turns to lust then turns to love.

But they have to keep their relationship secret for the sake of both their jobs. Tyler is running for Senate. This book was full of nice surprises. I was expecting lots of angst but these two were actual grownups. *gasp* Just an all around enjoyable read. Well done!

Review by Carmine
I first fell in love with Penelope Douglas’ writing style while pulling an all nighter with ‘Bully’. I was sucked into the angst, the drama, and the impeccable writing; I was a goner after that! Douglas is one of only a handful of authors that can make me forget about the rest of the world. Who needs food? Just give me a gallon of coffee till I’m done!

‘Misconduct’, set in stunning New Orleans, starts with two strangers and a chance meeting at a swanky party. Both are instantly drawn to the other. There’s sexual tension, lots of flirting, off the charts chemistry, and not enough shared information. Too soon, the night ends and they go their separate ways.

6 months later, a second chance encounter has these two meeting once again and as fate would have it, it cannot be. A forbidden romance stolen kisses and moments that end too soon, is that all these two are destined to be?

23-year-old Easton Bradbury is tough as nails, intelligent, and sassy. I

Review by Giles
Last year I finally started ‘the Fall Away series’ by Penelope Douglas, and although the characters were young – and thus made some less grownup decisions – I liked it. Waiting for the other book Ms. Douglas just published, Corrupt, I was pleasantly surprised she was working on a second book, Misconduct. While I’m really curious for the first mentioned book, I have decided to start with this one.

“He wasn’t wearing a mask like most of the other guests. According to my father’s general wisdom, it probably meant that he didn’t play games or feel the need to be a part of the crowd. He wanted everyone to know who he was. Fearless, bold, a rule breaker…”

Easton Bradbury is a former tennis player. Her childhood is spent on the tennis court – when her parents find out her potential, all family activities are set aside for tennis, including the activities of her brother and sister. An accident causing the loss of her parents and sister make an end to Easton’s very