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Book Title :
Bellis: Skin Walkers (Volume 14)
ISBN : 1546523294
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 404 Pages
Book Rank : #407012th World Best Paranormal Books
Book Author : Susan Bliler
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Description Of Book Bellis: Skin Walkers (Volume 14) by Susan Bliler:

Bellis StCroix, Skin Walker Assassin, only comes out of the shadows when he’s called to duty. The reason? Because he is a shadow himself. Pitch black skin, silky ebony hair, and inky wells for eyes, Bellis’ looks have set him apart from his kind his entire life. Because he’s so different there will never be hope for an Angel in his future. Angels don’t exist in hell. But when his latest mission has him capturing a Megalya enemy, the petite female in his arms isn’t what he expected. Feisty, fierce, and sexy as sin, his little prisoner has his inner beasts snarling to protect her instead of locking her up. Samantha Michaels is Megalya. Enemy to Skin Walkers, her brother has killed his fair share of the rare shifters. What her brother doesn’t know is that Sam is working with the Skin Walker Dominant to help bring the Megalya down. Everything is going according to plan until she’s captured by a Demon Walker, and this Demon, Bellis, doesn’t know of her duplicity. With a traitor still in the Skin Walker ranks, Sam can’t trust Bellis with the truth of her identity, which means she’s got to keep up her act. Problem is, the longer Bellis guards her, the less she wants him thinking she’s the enemy.

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