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Book Title :
To Have & To Keep
ISBN : 0991187911
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 298 Pages
Book Rank : #th World Best Contemporary Women Books
Book Author : Ju Ephraime
Publisher : ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing

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Description Of Book To Have & To Keep by Ju Ephraime:

Sebastian Mills never imagines that his sweet, young bride, Rebecca, is anything other than what she’s presented to him. They dated for six months before deciding to tie the knot. It was a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by friends and family. At the wedding dinner, everyone was impressed with his beautiful young bride. Everyone except his best friend, Christine, who apparently knew something about his wife that he didn’t, but he was so in love he paid her no mind and left for his honeymoon. The night of the honeymoon, while they were checking into the hotel, his sweet, young wife disappeared into the night. Now five years later, still reeling from her betrayal and enraged by her deceitful nature, he runs into her while on a job, only now she’s no longer the sweet, young woman he married. Trying to get at the truth, of why she left him reawakens their explosive passion… and now, it burns hotter than ever. But with five years of separation between them, Sebastian and Rebecca must trust each other in order to get to the root of the matter. Can they do this and still maintain the passion and love they once shared?

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    Top Reader Reviews :

    Review by Omar
    I have read and enjoyed several of Ju Ephraime’s books and was looking forward to this novel. The concept intrigued me and I do love a second chance romance.
    Sebastian Mills has spent the last five years wondering what on earth happened to his wife, Rebecca, who disappeared on their wedding night. Okay, so they had only been dating six months, and his best friend, Christine, had hinted something wasn’t right, but they were in love – surely that should have been enough to surmount any difficulty? Apparently not. Then, out of the blue, Rebecca reappears in his life, worse still, she will be working with him. Still furious at her desertion, Sebastian tries to avoid her, with some success, but even knowing she has destroyed any trust he had in her, the love and passion they shared burns as hot now as it did the night she vanished
    Although stunned when the person she will be working with turns out to be Sebastian, the man from whom she fled five years ago, Rebecca wonders whether

    Review by Denver
    To Have & To Keep is a novel by Ju Ephraime.It is a contemporary romance that does have some steamy sex scenes; but which are done tastefully and do not overpower the story.The characters are realistic.The plot is somewhat predictable and yet has enough twists and surprises to make it quite enjoyable.The book is one that is very difficult to put down once you get into it.You want to find out why just as much as Sebastian does.
    Five years ago, Sebastian and Rebecca were married. The wedding was beautiful and the reception indescribable; but now it was time to leave.He and Rebecca has delayed making love until their wedding night and he was ready for it. They had the night in the hotel before leaving for a honeymoon in Barcelona, Spain.Finally, Sebastian found Rebecca and managed to get her to leave.They drove to the hotel and Rebecca was just as happy as he was to be married.When Sebastian was finished organizing their luggage and paying the valet a tip, he

    Review by Webb

    Having read several of Ju Ephraimes books I was eagerly looking forward to reading this when I saw it released. And well, I am so glad I did.
    First off, love stories and I mean the emotional gripping kind of love stories are my absolute favorite. This book is packed full of emotional turmoil. It isn’t just about sex. Don’t get me wrong I like the aspect of sex in my stories but the entire thing doesn’t have to be just about sex. Unless of course that is the book, which this, as I said is not. I think Ju Ephraime found and wrote the perfect balance here.
    Second thing I loved, the characters. Sebastian is a very sexy and manly name for a character and he is written as just that in this book. Christine is the ever-loving “best friend” that doesn’t like the “girlfriend” or the “wife” Rebecca. At first