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Book Title :
You Thought He Was Yours
ISBN : 1545591415
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 268 Pages
Book Rank : #th World Best Romance Books
Book Author : Denora Boone
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Description Of Book You Thought He Was Yours by Denora Boone:

God will never send you someone else’s husband but what if he didn’t belong to them in the first place? The beautiful Anya O’Day is a successful real estate agent whose career is on the rise. She has a beautiful home and her bank account is no longer struggling. She knows that the success that she has been blessed with is only because of the God she serves. She just wishes that He would finally send her the husband her heart desires. Unfortunately, that prayer had yet to be answered because the man that holds her heart, is married to someone else. Bless Williams once had a promising professional career in the NFL but an injury in college caused that dream to turn into a nightmare. The one thing that made that defeat bearable was knowing that he had his beautiful wife Trinity by his side. She was there before the fame but once the limelight dimmed, so did the flames that she once had for him. As much as Bless prayed that God return His wife’s heart back to him and heal their marriage, he would soon see that the secrets that are exposed won’t allow it. Both Bless and Anya believe in the sanctity of marriage and wouldn’t dare enter into anything that God frowns upon. But what is a heart to do when it wants what it wants? Could Anya be the one that Bless was meant to be with and if so why had God sent Trinity during one of the most difficult times of his young life? Love is a hard thing to get rid of especially when you thought he was yours.

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