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Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS) 3.52/104 users
Book Title :
Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS)
ISBN : 1635336082
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 224 Pages
Book Rank : #542759th World Best Paranormal Books
Book Author : Charlie Cochet
Publisher : Dreamspinner Press

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Description Of Book Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS) by Charlie Cochet:

Sequel to Thick & Thin
THIRDS: Book Nine

THIRDS Team Leader Sebastian Hobbs and Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn are as much in love now as they were nearly seven years ago when a tragic event on the job destroyed their relationship. The two drift together only to be pulled apart time and time again. When Hudson draws the interest of dangerous enemies, both within and outside the organization, Seb wants nothing more than to protect the man who still means everything to him. 

As life-and-death events, an uncertain future, and startling truths draw Hudson and Seb to each other yet again, they must make a choice: trust their love and take strength from what they share, or lose what matters most… for good this time.

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 Honest Reviews of Darkest Hour Before Dawn (THIRDS) Book by Charlie Cochet

Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Orville
After the last book, I expected the series to be heading in a better direction, and I was disappointed after reading Seb & Hudson’s story. I expected this to be a story of healing and reconnection, when it turned out to be another way to push the TIN agenda on characters who want nothing to do with it. Sparks approaches Seb at the beginning, and I cheered at his response. "I’d rather live with the pain than work for TIN. Keep your training, your associates, your godd**n enhancements. I want nothing to do with it." And yes, wonder amazing Sparks (sarcasm) will only help with Seb’s knee if he joins. The fact she has access to medicine that could help the Hobbs’ family and won’t unless they join is another reason to hate her. And at the end, when Seb is about to to go jail for protecting Hudson, she basically comes to blackmail them. She could fix it but she won’t, because Seb turned her down. So Hudson says he’ll join, and of course Seb won’t let Hudson go alone. And it all gets

Review by Heriberto
I have waited for Seb and Hudson’s book forever!The readers of Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series have known the former Delta leader (Seb) and the medical examiner’s (Hudson) story since book one.We knew something terrible happened, and they broke up because of it. But, we didn’t know the extent of their back story, and what the breakup did to each man.We find out how each has coped without the other half of their soul, and the toll each man suffered living without their mate.
I was delighted to see Dex and Sloane, Ash and Cael, Calvin and Hobbs, their sergeant, Tony, and the big boss Sparks.Austin also makes a brief appearance, coming out of nowhere, then silently disappearing, as always.I laughed with the banter of Dex and his team.I cried reliving the heartbreak of the child’s death.My heart was warmed watching the love shared between Hudson and Seb trying to rekindle.We also see the strength of Seb, Hobbs, and Rafe’s parents. Their bond is unbreakable, and we

Review by Peck
As I was reading this, I kept thinking to myself, “Maybe it’s time for this series to end.”

This book focuses on Seb and Hudson. I really didn’t like Hudson in this book, maybe that’s why I got tired of reading this. Yes, Hudson keeps pulling away, and drawing close, and pulling away, etc. He has an epiphany, bring on the happy ending.

We are left with a cliffhanger/reveal which if you’ve been paying attention at all in the series is really easy to figure out–especially in this book. So.the reveal packed no punch for me.

I really LOVED the first few books in the series, but then I had a hard time when the focus veered off of Dex and Sloane. Sue me, they’re my favorite couple in the series. Maybe there are too many conspiracies or plot lines, but I just kinda stopped caring and was only reading the book to finish it. That makes me kinda sad, you know?

Still, this one had a plot as opposed to the last book. I’m not sure how many more books