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Book Title :
The Demigod’s Legacy (Masters of Maria)
ISBN : 1507203128
Release : 2017-04-25
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 330 Pages
Book Rank : #2305256th World Best Paranormal Books
Book Author : Holley Trent
Publisher : Crimson Romance

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Description Of Book The Demigod’s Legacy (Masters of Maria) by Holley Trent:

From USA TODAY bestselling author Holley Trent comes a new spark-laden shifter series!
Six hundred years after losing his wife and son to his cousin’s deadly scheme, the demigod cougar shifter known as Tito Perez still refuses to take a mate. He couldn’t protect his family in pre-colonial Tenochtitlan where Aztec gods freely roamed, and he won’t risk endangering another in modern New Mexico.
Too bad he doesn’t know he already has one from a tender affair with a sweet bar waitress he abandoned.
After waiting five years for Tito to return to his senses, December Farmer tracks her daughter’s absentee father to the small town of Maria, New Mexico, to make him step up, but he’s not the only one in for a shock. The town is overrun with supernatural beings and, apparently, her daughter, Cruz, is one of them.
December isn’t sure she can stomach being the mate of an immortal shapeshifter, but the stakes are higher for Tito. His cousin intends, yet again, to take away the only things Tito holds dear, and this time, Tito may have no choice but to cast his precious humanity aside and become the unflinching warrior he’s never wanted to be.
Sensuality Level: Sensual

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     Honest Reviews of The Demigod’s Legacy (Masters of Maria) Book by Holley Trent

    Top Reader Reviews :

    Review by Kris
    I found this book very intriguing with a lot of exciting characters, I’m talking cougars, demons, angels and yes gods. They were very believable  and interesting characters. Fans will enjoy action, humor, and the passion.

    Review by Bradford
    The Demigod’s Legacy, Masters of Maria – Book 1,  Holley Trent

    Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

    Genre:  romance, paranormal and fantasy

    I didn’t realise this was a spin off series, and of course I’d not read the Desert Guards. Didn’t matter though, there’s enough info given for me to follow the story, but I do want to read the other books at some point, they sound fun.
    I’ve read a few of Holley’s contemporary romance reads a while back, but none of her very very many paranormals.she has an easy to follow writing style, with some sharp humour which keeps the feeling of light-heartedness in the story.
    Its a kind of easy, relaxing read rather than deep dark drama. I like both, very much depends on my mood which I want to read.

    So this book – a fun read, made me smile at some of the things that happened. I loved the main characters of Dee, Cruz and Tito, and they all felt very real. Cruz especially – five going on fifteen. she

    Review by Alvarado
    I voluntary reviewed this book.

    Wonderful! While i was a little afraid that since it’s a spin off series and i haven’t read the main one completely i would be lost it wasn’t the case at all!!!. This story can work as stand alone perfectly even if you never read any Desert Guards books , now of course it’s better if you have read that series firstbut if it’s your first attempt at this universe you will just want to discover more. Yes they are some spoilers if you start with The Demigod’s Legacy but nothing you can’t live with.

    Tito is a sweet demigod.he isn’t an alpha, he is kind of avoiding responsibilities. He isn’t a coward simply too sweet and kind forthe gods and goddesses scheming. Because he suffered a lot in the past he prefers suffering again and making sure his mate his safe because far from him than offering her the choice.thankfully in this universe women have a mind of their own and can take initiatives

    It’s one of the thing i