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Book Title :
After the Dark (Killer Instinct)
ISBN : 1683243633
Release :
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Total Pages : 500 Pages
Book Rank : #2939352th World Best United States Books
Book Author : Cynthia Eden
Publisher : Center Point Pub

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Description Of Book After the Dark (Killer Instinct) by Cynthia Eden:

Former FBI agent Samantha Dark was one of the most respected profilers in the bureau, an expert on the twisted minds and dark hearts of the most depraved criminals. But when her own former lover turned out to be the serial killer she was hunting, Samantha’s career was destroyed. Blamed for the FBI’s failure on the complex case, Samantha left Washington, DC, for the quiet anonymity of Alabama.

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    Top Reader Reviews :

    Review by Frankie
    **Highly recommend reading THE GATHERING DUSK – the prequel novella before reading this book**

    Lots of suspense and danger with a smart, cunning and evil killer who got away and is now playing a deadly cat and mouse game with the former FBI profiler he is obsessed with.

    Samantha Dark’s past helped make her one of the best FBI serial killer profilers.With her new partner Blake Gamble they work to find the Georgetown University serial killer. What no one expected – especially Samantha – was for the killer to be someone very close – as in her best friend and former lover.This devastated Sam and if that wasn’t enough when he escapes after a confrontation, her boss decides to throw her under the bus and suspends her.

    Months later Samantha is living in a small town in Alabama hiding from her past when Blake shows up telling her the killer is at it again.When Blake and Sam were partners the attraction between them was strong but neither crossed that

    Review by Michael
    AFTER THE DARK is a thrilling romantic suspense about a former FBI profiler (Samantha Dark) who agrees to work alongside her sexy ex-partner (Blake Gamble) to bring down an old lover and friend (Cameron Latham) turned serial killer

    First off, if you haven’t read the prequel to this story titled "The Gathering Dusk" I would highly recommend doing so. It was a quick and riveting novella all on its own, and will give you a little more insight into the lives of Samantha, Blake, and Cameron before the events of "After the Dark" and actually sets up the plot for this novel. I’m not sure about the printed books, but that novella is included in the back of the kindle version so make sure you start there first if you haven’t already read it.

    AFTER THE DARK was fast paced and never seemed to slow down or lose steam. It was full of action, danger, suspense, and romance – all of which drew me in and never let me go. I adored Samantha who was well developed

    Review by Finch
    Cynthia Eden did her homework on this one.Psychopathic serial killers, FBI profilers, jealousy, rage, good vs bad, and a hot romance in the middle of it all.Without summarizing what has been summarized well already, let me simply note this is suspenseful and a bit scary.Just what I like with the good guys/gals going after the bad guys/gals.Ms. Eden writes characters with personality and depth involved in plots that keeps my attention. She is one of my go-to authors for a fast read that holds my interest. Glad I spent a few hours with it and, hopefully, won’t keep me awake tonight.