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Alaska Wild
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Format Type : Audible Audio Edition
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Book Rank : #8386th World Best Contemporary Women Books
Book Author : Helena Newbury
Publisher : Foster & Black

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Description Of Book Alaska Wild by Helena Newbury:

From the first moment I see Mason Boone, I can’t take my eyes off him. Everyone’s got a different story about the gorgeous, silent man in chains. He’s a hero, a former Navy SEAL. He’s a fugitive, on his way to a court martial. He’s a loner, a mountain man who hasn’t spoken to another soul in years. But when our plane crashes deep in the Alaskan wilderness, he becomes my only hope. I’m an FBI agent and he’s a prisoner, but to survive the wild animals, fierce weather, and unforgiving terrain, I must put my faith in him.

Staying alive means staying close: but every time he touches me, I melt inside. I can’t resist this man, not when he looks at me as if he wants to push me up against the nearest tree and tear my clothes off…. Is it possible that he’s innocent? Can I help him overcome the demons of his past? I’m a city girl but to survive this I’m going to need to learn to live as wild as him…because the greatest danger we face isn’t from nature. The other prisoner from our flight is out there with his gang…and they’re hunting us.

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 Honest Reviews of Alaska Wild Book by Helena Newbury

Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Reuben
I didn’t want to give this book a bad review and 3.5 stars may not seem like a good review but it was the best I could do.

I really liked the little tenacious spitfire that was Kateher courage in the face of some seriously scary moments made my heart swell for women kind.And Boonethe authors description made my mouth water and his strength waswell it was just yummy.I felt his pain deep down and got a little misty eyed when he relived his nightmarethat is my own biggest fear so when the author was describing what happened my own throats closed up and I started to hyperventilate. The fact that he survived that just made me love him even more.So why only 3.5 stars???

I can’t say the story was slow or boring really because it kept me interested throughoutbut there was SOOOOO much filler that it felt like it dragged on and on.I’m a natural skimmer but with this book I felt I did it way more just to move past the unimportant (in my opinion)

Review by Amos
I absolutely loved this book!

This is my first book by this author and she didn’t disappoint me. Right now I would like to close the book and read it again. Why? It’s not only the perfect mix between adventure and romancebut it’s the fact that this author succeeded until the end of the book to literally uphold the tension! Yes, elements supporting the suspense were injected and fully integrated into the storyline until the last chapters of the book. Perfect! Needless to say that the suspense part createddepth and meaning by criticizing the justice system. Again, this wasn’t elaborated at the expense of the plot but masterly integrated into the storyline and created an exciting background for the events to develop.

The main characters were great together and by themselves.Usually I’m not moved by insta love but in this case it just worked perfectly. The hero wasn’t flawless but I liked how he re-discovered himself and how he fought for the woman he loved and

Review by Allison
I’m not sure it’s legit to write about Alaska from travel guides and Wikipedia background, or watching Into the Wild or Northern Exposure, or studying crazy Sarah Palin (dontcha know).This "Alaska" setting felt excessively fictional to me.High violence, low heat and low character development in the plot also made this adventure-romance a chore.You be the judge of the plot: two fit and capable young people witness a billionaire’s prison break, he hunts them with a drone, they try to survive 10,000 calorie days on energy bars . . and fall in love. What are the odds?(Astronomical). Will they achieve HEA?!(Spoiler-free on that). There’s only so much imagination that I can bring to a book — this one tapped me out early.For a good Alaska romance-mystery that feels authentic, try Northern Lights (2009) by Nora Roberts.