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Book Title :
Longing Hearts
ISBN : 1545447543
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 166 Pages
Book Rank : #1826181th World Best Gay Romance Books
Book Author : Maxene Novak
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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Description Of Book Longing Hearts by Maxene Novak:

When she gets a second chance with the man she lost, she never thought she’d get him–and his husband too. Senior editor at a publishing house, Heather, is overwhelmed at work and cannot wait to meet her new junior editor. When Blake waltzes into her office, she can’t believe that the only man she’s ever loved has walked back into her life. Even the ring on his finger won’t stop all those old buried feelings from flowing to the surface. When Heather is in a tragic accident, Evan, the paramedic who saves her, is immediately drawn to the beautiful and strong woman. He knows exactly why his husband, Blake, has loved her for all of these years. As Evan and Blake nurse her back to health, both men fall deeply for Heather. With their relationship intensifying, they must find a way to fulfill all of their future dreams. Can these longing hearts turn their relationship into a “happily ever after?’ In this 50,000-word novel, Longing Hearts, two men learn that one woman holds the key to complement their love. With explicit and hot scenes, these three forage a sexual path that takes you into a world of pleasure and desire.

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