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Book Title :
Keeper of the Light
ISBN : 1551669595
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 480 Pages
Book Rank : #3603263th World Best Romantic Books
Book Author : Diane Chamberlain
Publisher : Mira

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Description Of Book Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain:

It is Christmas night and a rare snowstorm is blanketing North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Dr. Olivia Simon is on duty in the emergency room of the local hospital when a gunshot victim is brought in. Midway through the desperate effort to save the young woman’s life, Olivia realizes who she is. And from that moment on, nothing is ever the same.

Annie O’Neil is the innocent victim of a senseless crime. She is also the woman Olivia’s husband, Paul is in love with. And when Annie dies on the operating table, her death has a devastating effect on the lives of three people. Annie’s husband, Alec, thought she was the perfect wife and mother; her lover, Paul, saw her as everything he always wanted and could now never have, and Olivia believed she was the rival to emulate.

Lost in his grief, Alec throws himself into the effort to preserve the Kiss River Lighthouse, where he and Annie first met. For Paul, too, the lighthouse connects him to Annie, and he joins the fight to hold back the encroaching sea, as does Olivia, who is intent on becoming as much like Annie as possible.

Joined together by their obsession with Annie and the lighthouse project, Alec, Paul and Olivia became caught up in a stormy whirlwind of love, passion and deception that threatens to destroy all their lives. Only one person has the power to help them . . . someone who knows a shocking truth that can set them free. And finally the time has come to reveal it.

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