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Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders) 3.52/104 users
Book Title :
Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders)
ISBN : 1605044040
Release :
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Total Pages : 280 Pages
Book Rank : #1159498th World Best United States Books
Book Author : Lorelei James
Publisher : Samhain Publishing

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Description Of Book Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders) by Lorelei James:

Torn between the love he has-and the love he’s always wanted. A Rough Riders book. Chassie West Glanzer hasn’t been a stranger to drama and tragedy. A year of wedded bliss to sexy-as-sin cowboy Trevor Glanzer has brought her the happiness and contentment she never thought she’d find, and mellowed Trevor’s rodeo wanderlust. Then Trevors old roping partner ambles up the driveway and Chassie’s life changes drastically. Trevor never expected to see Edgard Mancuso again, after it became clear he couldn’t be the man Edgard needed. Now Edgard is back from Brazil to sort out their tangled past, and Trevor is plagued with feelings he thought he’d buried over three years ago. Although Trevor is hat-over-bootheels in love with his sweet, feisty wife, the sense his life is missing a piece has always gnawed at him. Chassie’s shock that Edgard and Trevor were once lovers turns to fear of losing her husband. Or worse, fear that Trevor will stay with her only out of a sense of duty. Yet as the three of them spend time together, the sins of the past blur and fade, leaving raw emotion and unbridled passion. Passion that could heal-or cause irreparable damage to their future. Warning: this book contains unbelievably explicit sex, including multiple cowboy/cowgirl/cowboy menage scenes, juicy, hot, male on male action, a bucketful of politically incorrect situations and true Western ideology
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 Honest Reviews of Rough, Raw and Ready (Rough Riders) Book by Lorelei James

Top Reader Reviews :

Review by Reuben
Let me begin the review by saying that I am new to the genre erotica/menage romance, so my thoughts are necessarily colored by my “newness”.Lorelei James is also a new author for me.I read this book upon the recommendation of a friend during a discussion on the viability of “unconventional” relationships.

I applaud James for tackling such a delicate social issue and I think she did a respectable job.She is an excellent writer and storyteller.What I liked about the book was the fact that it did tackle the menage-type “love” relationship and attempted to do it justice by showing that love knows no bounds –if people are willing to do the work necessary to make the relationship work.James attempts to show that this particular love match, between Chassie,Trevor and Edgard was not just about sex, but something deeper and lasting, like commitment and genuine affection. So the plot/storyline was good. I also liked and, importantly, cared about all three of the main

Review by Jarod
This one was ok. Can’t see to many women being this understanding. Have to read to know what I’m talking about

Review by Mason
I have been reading my way through the Rough Rider series and so how missed this one until they were mentioned in .The concept of this book is that Chassie & Trevor had been happy married some awhile and then Trevor’s ex- roping partner Edgardcomes for a visit. Trevor and Edgard had been lovers and when Chassie finds out she processes how she feels about sharing her husband and her new feelings for Edgard. Honestly this was not my favorite of the series but I knew that characters were doing well from Book 13. I find that I can never put a Lorelia James novel down — always lots of heat and amazing western themed stories.

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